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I give this speech on behalf of the President of Ghana

Ohene Aku Kwapong It is difficult to repair the pride of a nation that has unnecessarily been bruised and even more difficult to repair a lost trust when we all witness events that create unworthy news for us on the world stage.  So, I offer this speech which I believe a nation would have appreciated from its President. "My fellow citizens, I come to you this evening to thank you, on behalf of our cherished Blackstars, for the unqualified support you've shown them throughout the 2014 World Cup.  As your president, and on behalf of the nation, I also want to thank the team for giving us their best effort in representing Ghana.  We have asked the best of you and we appreciate what you gave. In the 2010 World Cup, the Blackstars made the country proud, lifting our expectations and our collective desire, as a nation, to take our rightful place on the international soccer stage. I know we can because we have a pool of 25 million Ghanaians to do this.  Unfortunately, the 2014 W


There is a general consensus that Ghana as a country is either heading in the wrong direction or getting just plain messed up.  Power crises and the persistent power outages that we thought belonged to decades gone are back, blatant corruption now are back with new schemes of supposed debt judgments, and the leaders we have are neither able to articulate a path forward nor deliver solutions that inspire confidence. Unfortunately, these perceptions have not just been with the current government but also with previous ones. My advice to the President of Ghana, if I had an opportunity to advise him today, will be to have the courage to reshuffle the cabinet and bring in Ghanaians, regardless of political affiliation, with substantial, relevant experience that will benefit him and his government. “Magnanimity does indeed accrue greatness to leadership"- our history of entrusting decision-making responsibilities to folks without relevant experience is destroying the country.  This is