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We shall hold them accountable, to their children's children

He called me when he arrived in New York and gave me the address where he was staying that night. However, because of a previous engagement, I could not see him that evening. So, the following morning, at the height of the New York rush hour, I drove into the city from Connecticut to see him.  Over lunch, Baah Wiredu, the former Finance Minister, shared with me his desire to solve the problem of abusive contracting and corruption in how the government awarded contracts.  He was determined to do something about it and had complained about how a road construction contract given to a local chief was never honored.  His determination to do something about such abuses showed in his face and his obvious weight loss was a testament to the task he envisioned. The plan to roll out a set of initiatives to take on corruption began the day I walked into his office to help him map out his entire reporting structure in the ministry. Just a few minutes after we sat down, a man walked in to tell him

Ghana, a country of our own

March 6, 2015 It is amazing the incredible amount of good tidings and hope that I am feeling on this day. Of course,  it is not by accident that this day also happens to be the day in history when we claimed a country called Gold Coast, after years of being ruled by those who were not of us, those who share little in common with our history and heritage. Ever since that fateful day, our country has struggled to find its identity in order to make a home we can all proudly call our homeland Ghana. There is much to be thankful for, much to be appreciated and much to be hopeful for. All 25million of us are here because this is where we belong. That conviction and a sense of our own country, however, has been shaken in the past few years and months as we've had to endure dark nights and daily bickering on issues that never used to separate us. The common bond which forms the fabric of our story from Dagomba to Ga, through Ashanti, Brong, and Ewe to Fanti and Nzima, is under strain be